Photo: Sara Wight

About Ana

A Multifaceted Life

Ana, a wife and mother of three, finds her roots in Connecticut but leads a life that spans across Denver, Dallas, and Tokyo. Balancing family visits with her diverse clientele, Ana seamlessly executes her wedding cake assignments, no matter where they may take her.

Crafting Delicious Creations & Embarking on Artistic Journeys

Fusing her lifelong passions for baking and fine arts, Ana creates breathtaking cake masterpieces that are equally enchanting to taste and behold. Her baking journey began in childhood, fondly reminiscing about starting her adventures in the kitchen at the tender age of eight. Ana’s artistic journey began with studies in graphic design and painting at the National School of Fine Arts in her native Lima, Peru. A sojourn in Japan, her family’s ancestral home, saw her immersed in the artistry of French pastries at a local bakery, where she was captivated by the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

From Self-Taught to Expertise & A Flourishing Career

Settling in the United States, Ana embraced cake decorating while raising three toddlers as a stay-at-home mom, largely self-taught. Her love for sugar flowers blossomed under the mentorship of Betty VanNorstrand, a pioneering figure in hand-crafted sugar flowers. Ana polished her baking skills at The Culinary Institute of America, mastering wedding cake design, sugar flower crafting, and various decorating techniques. Swiftly gaining recognition in her field, Ana earned accolades and refined her distinctive style, which continues to evolve.

Sharing Knowledge & Inspiring Others

Beyond her own creations, Ana is committed to elevating awareness of the sugar arts through teaching, mentoring, and lecturing to diverse audiences throughout the year.

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