The Process of Creating a Custom Wedding Cake


Our relationship with you begins with a personal wedding cake or specialty cake consultation and tasting at one of Ana’s studios, located in Greenwich and Cheshire, CT. Consultations last approximately an hour. Please allow ample time before your event to book your consultation; we recommend 4 months to a year in advance. We will always do our best to accommodate orders on shorter notice.

During the consultation you have the opportunity to sample a variety of cakes and fillings, while getting a close-up view of a variety of cake displays with different techniques and styles and having the opportunity to browse through Ana’s extensive portfolio of luxurious wedding cakes and specialty cakes, as well as her ever-growing library of resources. During the consultation Ana will get to know you and learn as much as she can about your personal style and vision for the event, and will answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to bring fabric swatches, photos, invitations, and anything else from which Ana can draw inspiration.


Using her classic arts training, the knowledge she gained in the consultation, and any further research required, Ana sketches one or more conceptual designs tailored to your unique vision, to create the best wedding cake or specialty cake design just for you.

Sugar Flower Creation

Ana and her staff take great care in handcrafting realistic sugar flowers and other decorations that can be made weeks before your event, using special tools and only the best materials, and of course the high level of skill they’ve developed over the years. Very often fresh flower samples are used as models to replicate the delicate texture and subtle coloring. Custom silicone molds can be ordered to match a piece of lace from a wedding gown. Ana and her staff can replicate almost anything in sugar, such as an heirloom jewel or brooch, delicate embroidery, a custom monogram, ribbon, pearls, etc., so that your favorite details can be reflected in your luxurious cake.

Cakes & Fillings

We make all our cakes and fillings fresh from scratch, from only the finest natural ingredients; pure butter, Tahitian Vanilla, fine liquors & extracts, fresh fruit purees, nut pastes, preserves, imported spices and reductions, and Swiss chocolate & fondant. Each cake tier has 4 layers of cake and three layers of filling. All cakes are finished in meringue buttercream and Swiss fondant.

Final Assembly

The day of your wedding or event, Ana and her staff put the final decorations on your custom wedding cake or specialty cake. Final decorations include piping, fondant appliques, fondant ribbons and bows, piping, pearl dust, and placement of bouquets and individual sugar flowers. Multi-tiered cakes are assembled to be sturdy for delivery by our experienced staff. Due to their size and design, some elaborate cakes may require final assembly on site.

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