The Process of Creating a Custom Wedding Cake

Take a glimpse behind the scenes at the process of creating our luxury custom wedding cakes. From intricate design to exquisite sugar flower crafting, witness the meticulous process leading to the grand finale at the iconic Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, RI.

Ana Parzych Luxury Custom Cake Design Studio In Cheshire, Connecticut

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Consultation & Tasting

Embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of bespoke cakes at Ana Parzych Cakes. Elevate your wedding cake experience with a personalized consultation at our exclusive cake studio in Cheshire, CT. Our consultations, lasting approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, ensure every detail is perfected to your satisfaction. To secure your event date, we recommend booking at least 6 months to a year in advance, although we always strive to accommodate shorter notice orders.

Indulge in a delightful tasting session where you can savor an array of decadent cake flavors and luscious fillings. Immerse yourself in the artistry of cake design as you explore captivating displays showcasing various techniques and styles. Delve into Ana’s extensive portfolio of luxurious wedding cakes and specialty creations, alongside her curated library of resources, for endless inspiration.

During your consultation, Ana will personally engage with you to understand your unique style and vision for your wedding or special event. Feel free to bring along fabric swatches, photos, invitations, or any other elements that reflect your aesthetic preferences. Ana will be delighted to answer all your questions and collaborate closely with you to bring your dream cake to life.

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Crafting exquisite wedding cakes and specialty cakes is an art form at our studio. Ana, drawing upon her classical arts training, meticulously sketches each design with precision and detail. After gathering insights from your personalized consultation and conducting any necessary research, Ana embarks on the creative journey of sketching one or more conceptual designs tailored to encapsulate your distinct vision. With Ana’s expertise and attention to detail, rest assured that every aspect of your dream cake will be thoughtfully considered and expertly executed, resulting in a masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression on your memorable day.

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Sugar Flower Creation

Indulge in the exquisite artistry of sugar flower creation at our bespoke custom wedding cake studio. Ana and her dedicated team pour their passion and expertise into handcrafting lifelike sugar flowers and intricate decorations, meticulously fashioned weeks before your event using only premium materials and specialized tools. Drawing from years of experience, we ensure each creation is imbued with a level of skill and attention to detail that surpasses expectations.

Our process often begins with studying fresh flower samples to capture their delicate textures and nuanced hues, ensuring our sugar flowers are a true reflection of nature’s beauty. For those seeking unparalleled customization, we offer bespoke silicone molds tailored to match elements from your wedding gown, such as lace patterns, ensuring every detail harmonizes seamlessly. From heirloom jewels to delicate embroidery, custom monograms, ribbons, and pearls, Ana and her team possess the expertise to replicate virtually anything in sugar. This allows us to infuse your luxurious cake with personal touches, ensuring your favorite details are elegantly showcased on your special day.

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Cakes & Fillings

Indulge in unparalleled luxury with our high-end custom wedding cakes and exquisite fillings, meticulously crafted from scratch using only the finest natural ingredients. At our studio, we believe in the art of flavor, infusing every creation with pure butter, Tahitian Vanilla, and the finest liquors and extracts to ensure a sensory experience that surpasses expectations.

Our commitment to quality extends to our fillings, where fresh fruit purees, rich nut pastes, and premium preserves are expertly blended with imported spices and reductions to create decadent layers of flavor. Elevate your cake experience with our signature Swiss rolled fondant, meticulously applied to every tier for a flawless finish.

Each cake tier boasts four layers of sumptuous cake, sandwiched between three layers of luscious filling, ensuring a harmonious balance of flavors in every bite. Finished with our velvety meringue buttercream and flawless Swiss fondant, our cakes not only captivate the eye but also taste delicious, creating an unforgettable centerpiece for your special day. Ana Parzych Cakes will transform your wedding cake dreams into a reality, where every slice is a celebration of love.

On your special day, Ana and her expert team take charge of the final assembly of your custom wedding cake or specialty creation. With meticulous attention to detail, we embellish your masterpiece with the perfect finishing touches, elevating it to perfection. From intricate fondant appliqu├ęs to delicate piping, elegant ribbons, bows, and shimmering pearl dust, each element is crafted with care to reflect your unique style and vision.

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Delivery & Final Assembly

For multi-tiered wedding cakes, our seasoned staff skillfully assemble them to ensure structural integrity and stability during delivery. However, for elaborate designs requiring extra attention, on-site final assembly may be necessary due to size and complexity. Rest assured, our team excels in managing even the most intricate cake designs, ensuring your cake arrives at your venue flawlessly ready to captivate and delight your guests.

We offer delivery and setup services to all locations in CT, MA, RI, NYC, and destinations worldwide.

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